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How SEO Street Optimizer works?

There are different types of optimization software that can be found on the market today. Most of them are used for in-depth analysis – in other words, analysing the use of search terms and links, which can be to some extent useful for preliminary research on competing websites. Using this type of optimization is rather partial in its results and might turn out to be quite costly. For this reason we have designed a unique piece of software that will gradually push your website to the initial results pages, while building statistics based on the real time performance of your website. With this optimization product you can operate easily and it will save you the high cost that other optimization software are likely to create for you.

In local optimization the interest of the consumers is targeted at a certain small area, city, neighbourhood, etc. SSO is a local optimization tool that works on the basis of a simple formula: keyword + location (e.g. Cakes London; Pizza Bristol; Car repairs Washington; Real Estate in Las Vegas and so on). While the software focuses on securing you a leading positions by keywords, the web activity, which the software generates for your website, will consequently raise your overall ranking. SEO Street Optimizer is undoubtedly very effective in local optimization; however we still encourage you to also use standard optimization in combination with the software, as an additional means to creating a firm base for your long term page ranking.

It is also important to know that the SSO works on-page. SSO connects every single street you choose to your SEO text and generates inner web pages. The generated inner web pages are attached to your website, and they are in no way malicious.

Choosing Streets

The software gives you the options to either manually choose all the streets that are important for you or to have SSO make an automated selection. You can also combine the two functions by choosing only a fraction of the streets manually and leaving the rest for the software to generate.

If you are an owner of a small local shop and you know your local area well, then it would be ideal for you to manually pick all the streets in close proximity to your shop and then let the software analyze and generate the rest of the streets you have paid for.

SEO Street Optimizer also serves as a statistical tool that closely monitors your visits and website traffic. The software is also able to detect the streets where you experience most inactivity. When that happens the software takes a fraction of these streets and substitutes them with new ones. The replaced streets are not entirely removed, but rather stored within the system, where the software keeps track of any movement that might be in your interest. If the visits from a given street, which was once put to storage, reach a certain level of movement, the software will automatically activate them and bring them into optimization mode.

Structuring your SEO content

Developing the right list of keywords is a crucial part of your optimization. Keywords have a profound impact on the overall performance of websites. The purpose of the keywords in the SEO content is to maximize your searchability. The software will require you to create SEO content in the form of a short text. Your SEO text should be well structured- it needs to be gradually revealing the essence of your business by using all the specific terms related to your area of activity. Your SEO text needs to emphasise that your business is carried out within a specific city, district and streets. Such a structure of the content is key for the local optimization, as search engines will detect the users within a given perimeter responding to their search terms with websites relevant to their location.

Boosting your visibility through a social media network

The SEO Street Optimizer software is linked to the Google + social network. SSO give you the opportunity to create a professional appearance and grow a customer network on the internet.

It is important that you stimulate the constant growth of your social network as it directly benefits your website’s ranking. The idea is to encourage your customers to ‘like’, leave comments and share your website through the Google + network. You can actively encourage customers in growing your network by offering them bonus points or a small one-of discount. Your customers will promote you and help you in strengthening your website positioning and you will be able to thank them by offering them a discount of your choice. This method will create a competitive edge for your business in an easy but impactful way.

The Google + option with discount is automatically implemented in each page generated by SEO Street Optimizer. You should inform your customers of this option and encourage them to use it as it guarantees you a great kick-off start to your journey towards the top positions.

Keeping your ranking

The SSO in combination with the application of standard optimization such as blog pages, infographics, social networking, directories etc., can further boost your visibility on the internet. For long term results, we strongly advise you to also use standard optimization and not solely rely on SSO.

We, however, focus our efforts on improving you appearance and ranking in the organic search of search engines without using non-organic means such as advertisements and pay per click advertising. If you are interested in maintaining a good long term positioning, then we have a solution for you. Once you have used the software, it will tell you where most of your clients come from and what combinations of keywords are most popular among them. To maintain your clientele you can purchase from us the domains for the most active streets in combination with the most popular keywords, and in this way you will be able to establish a strong local network. The software will suggest to you the available for purchasing domains. We can help you in the long run, so if you are interested in purchasing a larger amount of domains or building a network then do not hesitate and get in touch with our team.


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