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IMPORTANT: Read carefully all that is described in this legal contract agreement between Ultimate Seo Service Ltd. and you, as a consumer of the product Seo Street Optimizer owned by Ultimate Seo Service Limited. If you click the button "I agree" you acknowledge that you have read carefully all the terms of use of the software product Seo Street Optimizer and undertake in good faith to comply with all provisions, conditions that you have read and understood under this agreement, a contract between us and you. If you work in any position in any company, you confirm that you have the authority to accept this agreement on behalf of your company, as it will receive the product license. This contract takes effect from the time of purchase a product from us.

DEFINITION: Legal license contract - agreement
Between Ultimate Seo Service Ltd. and you for the conditions for use of the software product Seo Street Optimizer owned by Ultimate Seo Service Limited.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Software computer program with all its accompanying management options, source code, operating principles, programs, drivers, or any part of the program which is the result of intellectual work.

COPYRIGHT: You agree that all rights of ownership, names used in the product Seo Street Optimizer and work principles built into the system are the intellectual property of Ultimate Seo Service Limited. Acknowledge that in no way trying to compile, rewrite, disassemble, interfere with or violate the integrity of Seo Street Optimizer. Do not try to reproduce in any way the principles, alleged ways of operation of Seo Street Optimizer in any aspect. Do not violate the prestige of the product. Negative comments and remarks in forums, social networks or any kind of public spaces may be considered as intentional, malicious undermining the prestige of Ultimate Seo Service Ltd. and Seo Street Optimizer product.

PAYMENT AND REFUND TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You have a 30 day period from the date of purchase of the product, at which time you may decide to cancel it. We will refund your money within this period, provided that formulate clearly the reason for your refusal. We warn you that when the pages are indexed, broadcast from software to broadcast search engines, if you decide to cancel the operation of the software may appear a negative effect on your website. Ultimate Seo Service Ltd. does not bear any responsibility for such effects. Supporting thematic domains that you receive as a bonus set for each package are free for the first year paid package. Then, if you want to be saved, you have to pay them. If you want to take ownership of these domains, we are committed to calculate accurately and honestly what costs we had in their maintenance on the network (for each subject is individual) and if you agree to pay these costs you will take ownership of these auxiliary domains. If you want to work for you as will initially be activated, but do not want ownership of them, you will only pay the annual fees for these domains after the first year. Activation of the domain network is after the expiry of the 30th day.

AGREEMENTS, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND PROHIBITIONS: You agree that we may dispose, manage, direct these domains in our sole discretion until you acquire ownership of them.

Due to its specifics of working, the software Seo Street Optimizer may have links to the website. In some cases it is necessary for a statistical basis, which is required for subsequent upgrades.

You agree that in no way will remove, hide these links to you. You acknowledge that you do not change, hide, remove the signature indicating the copyright and function of Seo Street Optimizer in each page radiated from it, anywhere.

In no way you will change the the operation of the code and will not add or remove any other systems, links, codes or supplements of those originally embedded in the software.

You confirm that you will protect and keep the prestige of Seo Street Optimizer, and the company owner Ultimate Seo Service Ltd.

Due to constantly changing conditions on the Internet and not only, Ultimate Seo Service Ltd. and their product Seo Street Optimizer makes no warranty of any kind. We offer the product with all its good qualities as well as adjacent shortcomings and discrepancies in any component of it. We are not responsible for unexpected negative results.

By no means we will be liable for subsequent direct or indirect damages of any kind as financial, mental, loss of business, loss of customers, inability to use any other software or other losses resulting from the product Seo Street Optimizer.

Ultimate Seo Service Ltd. reserves the exclusive right to terminate at any time any legal, financial and other relationships with each of its client at his discretion, especially in the presence of malicious, dishonest or threatening intervention or omission by the customer to the product.

You agree that we may change at any time without notice to you the terms of this contract in order to protect us and all other customers who use our product. Ultimate Seo Servitse prohibits the use of any option or part of the product to support directly or indirectly espionage of any kind, pornography, violence, propaganda of ethnic grounds or other missed and rejected by public opinion activities. We reserve the right to exclude at the moment of our system such clients, they will be immediately ward of the responsible authorities, without being compensated in any way.

You agree to our undeniable copyright of the product, trademark, other copyright treaties, intellectual property and that the product is not sold, but licensed. You know that at any moment we can replace the general conditions of this contract in order to protect yourself. You acknowledge that you will comply with all provisions described in this agreement. You acknowledge that in any way with an action or inaction you will endanger operation of the product, that you will not remove, modify or amend all links placed from us to you, that you will not remove or hide in any way the copyright, signature of any part of our software. You acknowledge that you will not attempt to inset, impregnate or insert links or other systems on our product. You agree that Ultimate Seo Service Ltd. is not responsible of any kind for any situation arising directly or indirectly from the use of Seo Street Optimizer as a software. You acknowledge that you will fight with all lawful methods against the spread and use of the product among the marginalized activities. You acknowledge that you have read carefully all conditions and you know 100% how to use the software without breaking the rules described here.

We declare that with the text of this agreement, we do not want to impair or injure the rights of any user and that everything written here is to protect our customers and ourselves. /


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