Google is the most attractive virtual space for businesses to compete in. As the internet and Google in particular are becoming the most important platform on which businesses from all sectors and industries compete, fighting for customers, there are certain questions arising for small and medium sized businesses. How can local businesses and niche market traders fight the overpowering strength of big and international companies? How can your business stand against the big players and make its way through Google to become visible to the correct target market?

Large companies have enough resources to use the services of SEO consultancy. They have SEO strategies prepared for them and teams of specialists whose only task it is to get them a better positioning on SERP. But small and medium sized companies often do not have these resources and are therefore strongly disadvantaged.

As local entrepreneurs, we have joined forces to find a solution to that problem. SEO Street Optimizer is the tool that will boost your visibility without excessive financial investments and will show you noticeable results in no time. Working your positioning through Google’s pages is more challenging then doing it in other search engines, but the results are worthwhile. SEO Street optimizer is the best friend you need in driving traffic, making your website more visible and making your business a successful one.


click on picture to enlarge is a website that was used in our trial period. The website started with a low ranking, originally positioned on page 8 in Google results when searching for ‘photo cake London’. When put through the SSO software, in two months, the website progressed to page 3 and by the end of the third month it was on page 1.

SSO is compatible with all search engines


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